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Fantasy Lover Formula Review
Fantasy Lover Formula

Women can be a mystery, especially when it comes to pleasing them sexually. Unfortunately they do not come with an instruction manual and so when it comes to satisfying women in bed the majority of guys have no idea.

Fantasy Lover Formula seeks to provide that instruction manual. Taught by the female adult entertainers Leann and Krista, it teaches men how to satisfy women. The Formula claims to put the power back into the hands of men and show them how to control the sexual pleasure of girlfriends, wives or one night stands.

In this review we will look at what exactly you will receive when you purchase Fantasy Lover Formula. We will also look at who the product is best suited for, any potential negatives that this product has and what we like about it. At the end of the review you will find our overall recommendation as to whether you should buy fantasy lover formula yourself.

What do you get when you purchase fantasy lover formula?

Fantasy lover formula is broken into four separate modules which each cover a separate aspect of the method. Each module contains the following:

Video Instruction: The primary teaching material is contained within an MP4 video file. For a course that is teaching sexual technique, this video component is crucial.

eBook: Each module is supported with a PDF eBook which includes the material contained in the video. This makes the video much easier to follow and can be quickly referenced back to.

Module one reverse engineers how to satisfy a woman and lays it out in clear step by step instructions. Also included in this module are the 20 words that send her libido into overdrive and a special sexual massage to get her “warmed up”. One of the best parts of this module is where Krista and Leanne explain what you should say to overcome any sexual inhabitations that she might have so that she will go home with you that same night.

Module two focuses on foreplay technique. It shows some special fingering techniques that you can use on her to give her a different type of orgasm than the ones she has experienced in the past. You also learn the secret of sexual kissing which will prime her for having sex.

Module three teaches the 50 best sexual positions for pleasing her. You will learn a modified missionary position technique that makes you feel much larger inside of her than you otherwise would. One of the other great techniques you learn in this module teaches you how to trigger her “orgasm button” so that you can increase the intensity of her orgasms.

Module four is about bringing your sexual fantasies to life. This module will be of particular interest to men in long term relationships who want to add a little extra spice to their love life.

Each module also includes bonus videos and ebooks, including:Fantasy Lovers Formula

• Dirty text message mastery
• Sex games
• Toy mastery
• Wild and rough sex

All of the course material is available for instant download from the girl’s website after purchase.

Who is fantasy lover formula suited for?

Fantasy lover formula is suited for any guy who wants to know how to satisfy women in bed. For guys that are single Fantasy Lover Formula can help you please any woman that you decide to bring home for the night. This is great if you want to develop a reputation that precedes you as a great lover.

But it’s not only single guys that can benefit from this information. Fantasy Lover Formula has also proven popular with men in long term relationships as well. Whether you want to show her the kind of appreciation she deserves or you are simply worried about maintaining your relationship, Fantasy Lover Formula can help. It is important to remember that one of the main reasons women cheat on their husbands and boyfriends is because they are not sexually satisfied.

What we like about this product?

Satisfy a woman in bed

One of the first things that stand out about this course is that it is taught using a mixture of both video and written content. Trying to learn these techniques from just a book is just about impossible. The video aspect of this course makes it stand out from competing products.

Another standout feature is that it is taught by women. The fact is that a male pickup “guru” might tell you that he knows how to pleasure a woman but chances are he doesn’t really have a much better idea than you or I.

Krista and Leann know what it feels like to experience sex from a female’s perspective and they do an excellent job of describing it. They are also very experienced from both the position of giver and receiver. Of course this would not be of much benefit if they weren’t great teachers as well. Thankfully they are and the instructions are clear and simple to follow.

Are there any negatives to fantasy lover formula?

Fantasy Lover Formula has excellent information on how to please women sexually; however it is important to remember that this advice still needs to put into action. The techniques in the course, while easy to understand, do take a little practice to learn how to implement properly. Of course most men will find the process of “practicing” these techniques highly enjoyable. Fantasy Lover Formula is not recommended if you are not open to new ideas about how to please a woman sexually.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, Krista and Leanne have full confidence that you will achieve the improvements in your sexual technique that they claim. As such they back the product with a full 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Overall recommendation

If you want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed then this is the course for you. While there are other books that teach similar material, this is by far the most comprehensive and practical that we have seen. We also really like the fact that the course is by women who provide insider knowledge into what really pleases women sexually. The course is easy to follow, with clear step by step video instructions. With a 60 day money back guarantee there is really no reason that you shouldn’t try this product and see for yourself how effective it is.

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